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Welcome to
Dance Generation



Great, you have just taken the first step and we can teach you the rest. We aim to make learning quick, easy and fun. Come and give it a try.  
You will be made to feel welcome, come in on your own, with your partner, a friend or a group of friends, whatever it takes......  
Looking to learn for your wedding, work functions, socially or something new, let's get you moving with your choice of private or class lessons.  

Call us on 8232 1922

Which dance style is for you?

Choosing the style of dance is as easy as:  

♦ Where will you be using your dancing the most?

♦ What type of music do you like and inspires you to dance?

♦ Is your style more using your hips and looking sexy 
       or a bit more on the smooth or rock and roll side?

The dance styles

Ballroom & Latin Dancing

All you need to dance with your partner, or to impress a partner. Ballroom and Latin will have you dancing with your personal flair to a huge range of modern music and that from eras past. Just right for anywhere you feel like dancing.



Latino (South American) Dancing

This is how you move to the hot and sexy South American rhythms. Get ready to get up and personal with your partner. Lots of hips, fast feet and seductive moves.



Wedding Dances

This is all about making you feel good about your first dance together. Time to kick off the party and show off your new skills. It is purely your choice as to how fancy you go, anywhere on the scale from simple to stunning. Come in with all your ideas.......


Dating Adelaide Join a class 2018

Get fit and destress.

Have some fun with your partner or group of friends.

Build a skill that can be used at a party, social functions or just about anywhere there is music.

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Dance Spectacular Ball 2018

Another time. Another place.

A fantasic evening of dinner and dancing. Tickets include a 3 course meal and drinks. Entertainment includes dance exhibitions and the opportunity for accomplished and novice dancers alike to enjoy moving to music from all over the world.



We Offer

  ✔ Ballroom/Latin Dancing
  ✔ Latino Dance Classes
  ✔ Wedding Dance Lessons
  ✔ Private Dance Lessons
  ✔ Group Dance Lessons
  ✔ Social Activities
  ✔ Exhibitions
  ✔ Corporate Team Building
  ✔ Hen's Nights
  ✔ Tailored Learning
  ✔ Gift Vouchers


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