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Getting Started In adelaide

free introductory private lesson adelaide

If you are not sure what learning to dance would be like, come in and try a lesson with us, try out what and how we teach and whether we are the studio for you. There's no obligation for you to continue on with further lessons but we hope that you will enjoy the experience and that we can offer a program that suits your time, budget and the result you have in mind. This ..

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free bridal introductory lesson adelaide

We have found that traditional is usually far from the case, everyone has their own ideas on how they would like their wedding dance to look and feel. At Dance Generation, we suggest that the best way to get started is for you to come in and try a free lesson with no obligation. This way, you get a feel for what it is like to learn to dance, while we have the opportunity to see how qu..

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Gift Vouchers Adelaide

Do you, or someone you know, have a New Year's resolution to learn something new? Has someone you know always wanted to try dancing but they just haven't got there. Are you jealous of old Auntie Helga has more moves after a few eggnogs than you do? Contact us to customize your gift voucher for someone you love.......or have to buy for. You can include private or ..

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classes adelaide

Get ready to have some fun on the dance floor! 6 class lessons for $72 (normally $90) An introduction to all the dance you always wanted to learn from the cheeky Cha Cha to the sexy Salsa, the graceful Waltz to the dramatic Tango. Learn a few basic steps, how to move to the music and how to lead or follow your partner. All the dancing essentials. ..

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come and try program adelaide

2 Private and 1 Group Lesson Come and Try Program (Single) $65 Come and Try Program (Couple) $99 Dance Generation's "Come and Try" program is a fantastic introduction to learning to dance. If you're looking for a fun way to get fit, meet people and increase your confidence, then Dance Generation can help. We'll show you how easy learning really is so why not find out for yo..

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No Fuss Wedding Dance Course

No Fuss Wedding Dance Course 4 private lessons $234 Designed for those with a clear and simple idea in mind for a very basic wedding dance or you can use these lessons as a starter course. If you have a clear and simple idea and/or if you ..

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