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free introductory private lesson adelaide

If you are not sure what learning to dance would be like, come in and try a lesson with us, try out what and how we teach and whether we are the studio for you.

There's no obligation for you to continue on with further lessons but we hope that you will enjoy the experience and that we can offer a program that suits your time, budget and the result you have in mind.

This course is suitable for those

      ♦  looking to develop their confidence at any social event

♦ looking for a hobby
♦ looking for an alternative way to exercise
♦ looking to develop a social skill
♦ or just wanting to try something different.

What to expect:

Your Instructor will take some time to find out what you are looking to learn and where you are looking to use your dancing. You can then try some dance steps, see what learning is all about, and from there we can take you through the different programs we offer.

To get the most out of learning the best combination is to include private and group lessons as well as attend our regular studio socials, but we offer a choice of programs and flexibility.

Programs are tailored as everyone learns differently and a tailored program means you can learn at your own pace, or fit your learning around your availability.

Your free Private lessons can be booked during regular teaching hours which are:

      ♦  Weekdays: 1pm - 10pm
      ♦  Saturday: 10.45 am - 4.45 pm


    Do I need a partner to learn?

    Not at all, your Instructor would be your partner in private lessons and there are many partners
    available in our groups, all here to learn just like you.

    I am not sure I could come in on my own.

    We understand that for a lot of people coming in on your own can be quite daunting, you are welcome to 
    bring a friend or two and all share the lesson as your own group, eitherway we will help you to feel relaxed 
    and glad you took the first step.

    What do I wear?

    Most wear something neat and casual that allows you to move comfortably. If you are coming straight from  
    work or going out afterwards, what you are in is fine.  You do not need to wear exercise clothing.  
    For occupational and safety reason we ask that you wear shoes and a leather or synthic sole is better 
    than rubber soles, slip ons are not recommended, somehting that comfortably stays on your foot is best.

    You are in the City, can we find parking that does not cost a fortune?

    Sure, after 6pm you can park in our section of Gawler Place for free and in the adjacent streets.

    Any other questions?

    Just ask and we will do our best to find a solution!

Cost: Free
Duration: Ongoing
Lesson length: 45 minutes
Programs: Programs are tailored individually
Discounts: Discounts apply depending on the combination of lessons.

Please note this offer of a free lesson is not available in conjunction with any other offers.

Come and join in the fun

Cost: Free

Duration: N/A

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